Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Swedish Royal Wedding, 1926

Over at the Cross of Laeken, I am commemorating the anniversary of the marriage of Princess Astrid of Sweden and Prince Leopold of Belgium, Duke of Brabant. Here is an account of their civil wedding, on November 4, 1926, in Stockholm:
The wedding ceremony itself took place in the "Riks-Sal," or Royal Hall, where the Swedish Parliament meets. In the ordinary way, one end of the Hall was occupied by a dais on which stood the Royal throne, but, for this occasion, this was removed, and chairs put in place for the four Kings, two Queens and the other Royal guests who were present. 
The guests, besides the Royal visitors, numbered over a thousand. The ladies being in white Court dresses, and the men in full uniform, the assembly made a brilliant spectacle as, seated on cushioned benches round the hall, they awaited the coming of the bridal procession. The young Duke was a gallant figure as with head very erect and the half-proud, half-embarrassed look usual with young bridegrooms, he walked by the side of his bride. Her face was delicately flushed, her eyes sparkling, and she looked a delightfully regal yet girlish figure in her bridal gown of glistening white. Twelve bridesmaids and twelve grooms-men followed, and the ceremony began after the band had played the Wedding March.
The ceremony was conducted by the Mayor of Stockholm. Bride and bridegroom uttered their responses in clear, composed tones, audible throughout the hall, and the look which the Duke turned on the slender figure at his side left no doubt as to the sincerity of his vows.
The young Duke and Duchess drove back to Prince Carl's Palace in a carriage drawn by four horses, with postilions and outriders carrying lighted torches. All along the route great crowds had assembled to cheer the bridal pair, and shout good wishes for their future happiness. After the wedding breakfast, the Duke of Brabant left for Ostend, and his bride and her family started for Malmo, to embark on the battleship Fylgia bound for Antwerp.


aarondavidson said...

Thanks matterhorn. I always enjoy reading your posts on Leopold and Astrid. What a fine Catholic couple.

Matterhorn said...

Thank you! Yes, they were a lovely and exceptional pair.