Saturday, July 18, 2009

Queen Lovisa of Denmark

From the Mad Monarchist's excellent series on past royal consorts:
Queen Lovisa of Denmark was born on Halloween, 1851, to King Charles XV and Queen Lovisa of Sweden. The King and Queen of Sweden had only one other child besides Lovisa; their son Carl Oscar. However, when he died young the distraught monarch began to raise his daughter in the rough manner of a boy. She was a happy child, good natured, treated with the crude affection of a son by her father who once said, "She's an ugly devil but she's funny!" There was some talk about her being able to succeed to the Swedish throne but it would have required a change in the succession laws of both Sweden and Norway and when the King's brother had a son the issue was dropped...(Read more)

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Anonymous said...

A royal father raising his daughter like a boy...just like in the case of Queen Christina!